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English Language Proficiency

Academic success at any university abroad demands strong English language skills. Therefore, All universities require every applicant to provide proof of sufficient English language proficiency before being accepted as a student. It is advisable to take English proficiency tests atleast 2 months prior to applying to any abroad institution.

To be considered for admission, all international graduate applicants must submit one of the following as a proof of English language proficiency:

Applicants from an English speaking country may be exempt from testing for English language proficiency. But students from India should submit the proof of proficiency in English as the country is not come under the category of English speaking. It is mandatory to score the required band or score in order to be considered for application. There are institutions which allow you to apply without test scores may offer conditional admission but under specific circumstances and conditions which have to be fulfilled by the applicant. If a student is applying without the test scores or scored less than the requirement the university may place the student in its Intensive English Language course prior to enrollment which may cost the student at least ten times higher than the above mentioned tests. Therefore it is always better and safe to take English language tests prior to application and get the required minimum score for admission.

Academic Standardised Test

International Admissions are highly competitive especially countries like USA, UK, Germany will demand a strong foundation in maths and related field of study. In order to prove your ability to take higher education further in your desired institution you are required to submit standardized test score. Each and every university expects a decent and competitive score from every applicant for a positive admission decision. Therefore it is necessary for a student or an applicant to train vigorously before taking up these tests.

To be considered for admission, all international graduate applicants should submit one of the following:

These tests are not so easy to take up. It requires an excellent quantitative skill and logical thinking to solve any aptitude. If you are planning for any U.S or German universities, then you must take this test to be considered for admission. Though there are few universities which will only look at your academic performance, but you can still submit a standardized test score for an advantage if you didn't perform very well in your academics. GRE and GMAT scores are required for Graduate admissions and SAT for Undergraduate admissions. Scholarships and grants are awarded based on your GRE scores and previous academic performance. These tests examine an individual's verbal ability and quantitative reasoning and let the universities to know how good you are in these skills. There are numerous resources available to practice both online and offline.

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