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Personalized Counseling

Education always enlightens every individual's life. Right education at right time and right place not only brightens the life but also makes successful achievement of set goal. Once the education is planned carefully a student is set in the right path towards career planning which is the ultimate goal for them. Milestone Edcom has counsellors who provide expertise counselling with the guidance of frontrunners who have more than 6 year experience in United Kingdom, especially in the education field. This will enrich value for their education, thus strengthening their methodology for a stable and prosperous career.

Our latest data which is updated frequently provides necessary contributions on the opportunities, scope and prospects. We continue to enhance our services by always having a keen watch on the global current happenings.

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Milestone makes all the difference to you here by serving and steer you in the right direction. We will provide you with unbiased information on all the countries, courses and universities that suits you.

Training and Support

When it comes to training we don't compromise with the quality of the trainers, thus leads you to achieve in the standardized tests. Standardized tests are the most important factor in order to fulfill the university requirements. Our training is tailor made and the way of handling the students differ accordingly based upon the students capability to tackle the test. Our trainers have at least 7 years of experience in the field of training for the standardized tests like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT and PTE.

We indulge various productive strategies like time management, understanding the concept, looking at questioner's point of view, logical thinking, problem solving etc.. Our faculty believes not only in tutoring, but also mentoring and guiding to excel in the tests. Flexible class schedules and one to one sessions make us to stand unique among other institutes. We have a decent and quiet environment class rooms which will let you practice more efficiently. We also provide online training sessions.

Milestone is British Council and IDP authorized test registration center for IELTS and have trained hundreds of aspirants to achieve their goals.

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Abroad Admissions

There are students who apply on their own without making a research whether they are eligible or fulfilling the requirements of the universities for admissions. This results in disappointments and even dropping the plan of studying abroad. Firstly, the student should realize their stand and act accordingly. Milestone has several years of experience with the international students and very well knows the mindset of the Indian students and their expectations. We educate the students about their profile and make them to fulfill all requirements and finally match universities for their profile and passion, thus we avoid rejections. Our expertise gets the admission with utmost demands from the university like application fee waivers, merit scholarships, tuition fee discounts etc.

We assist the students in all aspects start from SOPs till they settle in abroad with great opportunities. We always feel delighted to work for the most trustful and hardworking crowd of the world.

The admission process is quite transparent and we will tell you frankly the fact! Milestone's ability and regular interaction with the admission offices of most universities/colleges helps us in keeping track with all the above aspects and give you an unsurpassed service while completing the admission formalities on your behalf.

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Visa Guidance and Support

Visa process is the most fearsome one for the students. Due to lack of proper information and with wrong guidance by immoral agents, many students lose the opportunity of getting the visa, despite having admission on hand. At Milestone, we make sure that you succeed in getting your visa! Our professional approach and guidance will improve the visa chances and ensures that you reach your dream land, not with just an admission but with rewards wherever eligible. We will give you time-tested and latest information on the following

  • Documents required for visa interview
  • Guidance on financial documentation
  • Visa application procedures
  • Interview preparation through mock interview sessions
  • Expected questions (and answers, if necessary) and
  • Tips & Tricks for successfully getting through the interview (when necessary)

At Milestone, making you achieve your goal of studying abroad is our mission!

Mock Visa Interview

We will provide all the required preparation to face the 'visa interview' at the Consulate. We not only provide information, but also prepare you with mock interview sessions. After carefull assessment of the background of the applicant (the student) and determining what are their strong and weak areas our counselors will then conduct mock interview sessions and see how the applicant responds to the various questions that might be asked during visa interview at the embassy. Based on this first-hand information, we will suggest appropriate answers and responses for given questions and situations.

With this specialized and customized preparation, facing the interview for visa will become easier for you since you will be fully confident of what to do or not to do and how to tackle difficult questions and situations.

Self-confidence, proper planning, preparation and presentation are the key aspects to succeed in the visa interview. Milestone makes sure that you are fully prepared to handle all these aspects successfully and get the Student Visa for your desired destination.

Need a visa to study? Let us Help you out.

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Educational Loans

There are students with high passion towards overseas education but worried about when financing studies strikes mind. Now, funding is not a barrier when you have the capability to repay. Milestone Edcom has good understandings with various nationalized banks for educational loans. We arrange one to one discussion with credit officials, where you will have a chance to explain your future ambition and convince them by proving your abilities to repay the education loan.

There are many students who have benefited through us when it comes to educational loans!

Milestone is also partnered with HDFC Credila Educational Loans and you can have all the process regarding your finance done under one roof.

Funding should not be a barrier stopping you from studying Abroad

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Travel Arrangements

Milestone has a well co-ordinated Travel Desk that offers the following services to students:

  • Passport Application (New and Renewal)
  • Discounted Air Ticketing
  • Discounted Courier Services
  • Foreign Exchange Requirements
  • Internal Travel Arrangements
  • Visa & Travel arrangment for parents

Airport Pickups etc., including ticket booking, seat/meal preference, advanced seat requests, finding economical airfares.

The Pre- Departure Orientation sessions hosted by "MILESTONE EDCOM" from time to time, is your opportunity to meet other students (and their parents) who are heading abroad and to the same university. This will help you in settling down easily in your new host country.

ForEx services with best rates in the form of debit cards, SIM Cards with best international plans, Travel Insurance facilities are also available.

Get great discounts on tickets, currency exchange etc...

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